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Benefits of Amber Glass

When deciding on the best packaging for your new product there’s a lot consider. So why do so many brands use amber glass for their packaging?

Opting for amber glass has a long list of benefits. Let’s review them below.

  1. Impermeable and durable
  2. Offers protection from sunlight and harmful UV rays
  3. Viewed as a more luxurious alternative
  4. Sustainable and recyclable
  5. Versatile and cost effective

Impermeable and Durable

Glass is a steady and chemically neutral material that is unlikely to react with most formulations.

Certain formulations which contain oils or acids when exposed to plastic packaging will affect the structural integrity of the vessel causing it to be brittle, leach or likely to leak.

Glass can therefore help maintain a products purity and efficacy.

Don’t forget to test your packaging!

Offers protection from sunlight and harmful UV rays

Where do you store your beauty products? Are they located in front of a window or exposed to harsh lighting in retail stores?

When certain formulations are exposed to sunlight unwanted chemical reactions may occur.

Certain plastics and even flint (clear) glass provide little to no protection from UV rays or blue light which may cause your product to change consistency, loose its lovely scent or its potency. Unlike these forms of packaging, amber glass protects the product by absorbing the wavelengths from these hazardous rays.

Glass also acts as a great form of barrier protection limiting the impacts of environmental factors such as moisture or contamination.

A luxurious alternative

The votes are in - many consumers believe glass is not only visually appealing but is also higher quality.

At MILC we believe this belief stems from the widespread use of amber glass in up-market brands and its heavier weight. Amber glass also has an aesthetically pleasing warm tone that can be considered vintage or earthy. A winning option for pharmaceutical and organic brands.

Sustainable and Recyclable

Pretty products that help protect the environment- yes please!

Amber glass is an ideal option for sustainable brands who want to appeal to eco-conscious consumers. Unlike plastics which can be confusing to recycle, amber glass is widely recycled and often reused by consumers therefore significantly reducing a brands environmental footprint.

Not only is amber glass widely recycled it’s also infinitely recyclable. That means the materials can be re-used again and again without impacting strength or durability

Versatile and cost effective

Amber glass is available in a vast range of sizes and styles to suit almost all cosmetic and wellness products. From bottles to jars, amber glass is also a great substrate for direct printing and labelling.

Amber glass is also one of the most produced glass colours making it widely available and cost effective.

Are there any downsides?

Every packaging option despite its benefits has some important considerations.

Glass is a fragile material that can be damaged in transport and its naturally heavier weight often makes it costly to ship. These factors may also impact a consumer’s choice to travel with their glass cosmetics and opt to leave them at home.

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