At MILC Network, sustainability is one of our core values. Our packaging needs to tick a few goals - being on-brand, affordable and most importantly environmentally and socially responsible. As a business sustainability in all stages of the supply chain is our responsibility and we have created focused initiatives that reflect this.

Recyclable Materials

Using recycled and eco-friendly materials in packaging is becoming more and more popular in the face of ever-changing consumer demand. Where possible, MILC Network prioritizes sourcing packaging that is made from recyclable materials in an effort to reduce waste. Due to the differing rules and regulations in each country or council area, there are a few key factors to consider before choosing a recyclable or eco-friendly material for your packaging. Read more here.

Post Consumer Recycled Materials (PCR)

Ever heard of the term PCR or rPET? This refers to recycled plastics being used to create your brand new product! Using PCR materials involves a process whereby plastic is gathered, turned into pellets and then reused in manufacturing. Using PCR prevents as much new virgin material being produced and therefore uses less resources such as water and electricity. Read more here.

Refillable Packaging

As the industry continues to evolve refillable and reusable packaging has become a great tool in minimizing the amount of single use plastics. MILC Network offers a range of refillable bottles and jars and the refills to go with it! Refillable packaging is also a great marketing tool that encourages repeat purchases and customer loyalty.

Material Certifications (MSDS)

MILC Network maintains a library of material safety data sheets and certifications that detail the important characteristics of resin, food safety compliance and environmental policies. This is an important factor in stability testing and ensuring a high level of conformance within the industry. It also helps us to work with B-Corporations and APCO members.

Waste Management

MILC Network is committed to reducing waste across the supply chain. This includes plastic reduction where possible and waste management reporting. That means no bubble wrap or individual poly bags here! We work with many B Corp companies and in turn monitor and record our waste while actively working towards reduction targets. 

All recycling waste is delivered direct to VISY recycling plants.

Ethical Supply Chains

Maintaining ethical supply chains is a key factor in having trustworthy and dependable packaging. MILC Network maintains strict integrity based company policies and expect our suppliers to operate at the same standards. Did we mention we are also Sedex accredited and working towards an ISO 9000 certification?


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